3:10 to Yucca Flats

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Runaway Train Demolishes Town

The five o’clock train from Elko was travelling at excessive speed when it arrived at the Salsipuedes Depot. Witnesses report the train speeding along at one hundred miles an hour when it leapt past the end of the track and into the Railroad Saloon. The steam driven behemoth tore through two more buildings before finally coming to rest.

There was a loud report from the locomotive’s boiler and the wreckage quickly caught fire. Despite valiant efforts by the Salsipuedes Fire Brigade and hundreds of citizens, the confligration spread over several blocks. Initial estimates are that at least half the buildings in town were destroyed in the holocaust.

The bodies of the engineer and fireman were not recovered and are presumed to have been burned to ashes. The mangled remains of Ezekial Hardy, the conductor, were found in the baggage car. All of the passengers escaped without injury because of the quick actions of Peter Donovan, the breakman on the ill fated train.

Officials of the Denver & Pacific Railroad would not comment on possible causes of this tragic accident.

Bandit Safely Delivered to State Prison

Jacob safely delivered notorious highwayman Fritz “Fingers” Frieling to the custody of Yucca Flats State Prison. Warden James Gorgon expressed gratitude to Jacob and the other passengers aboard the ill fated train from Elko for making sure the dangerous felon did not escape.

“I understand the Looney Goons tried to get their compatriot off the train,” the warden told this reporter. Fortunately Jacob, “Doc” Campbell, Edgar Blake, and Runs with Buffalo Soldiers were on hand to foil their attack.

Authorities in Cedar City report that “Quick” Carl Stalling, the number two man in the Goons gang and three of his allies were slain in the attack. Another bandit was taken into custody.

Strange Occurances on Night Train from Elko

Railroad breakman Peter Donovan told this reporter stories of uncanny happenings onboard the ill fated Denver & Pacific train from Elko last night. According to Donovan, gigantic mechanical spiders killed the conductor and attacked the passengers. “One of the bugs chopped poor Zeke right in half,” the addled railroad man said.



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