Bring Me the Head of Joaquin de Murieta

Flynns Feats

Professor Flynn Faces Headless Rider

Death Defying Escape from Flaming Aerial Ascender

Flynn’s Museum Arrives in Salsipuedes with Grand Cavalcade

Gentle Reader,

I, Professor Tiberius Flynn, humbly present to you a true and factual account of my recent arrival in the famed mining camp of Salsipuedes, Nevada. On arrival in Salsipuedes, I organized a grand parade to provide the good citizens with a preview of my marvelous collection. The parade was a great success and the town celebrated a spontaneous holiday as the citizenry left their homes and places of business in droves to witness the spectacle.

After the parade arrived at the Grand Assembly Hall, I prepared to ascend to the heavens in a silken bag filled with Hydrogen gas. Unfortunately, nefarious elements were afoot, as a sniper fired upon my flying machine from a nearby grassy knoll. Two large rents were made in the fabric and the buoyant vapors started to escape from their envelope. Before I could direct my assistant Max to repair the damages, a mysterious electric force struck the balloon and the highly inflammable gas ignited resulting in a spectacular blaze. Adroitly escaping from the resultant inferno, I informed the crowd that the Museum would open on the morrow.

Before I could open my collection to public perusal, I had to deal with a malicious rumor the local press had published concerning one of the artifacts. Señor Victor Martinez, a local grocer had the audacity to claim that I did not have the head of Joaquin de Murieta in my possession. Therefore, I sought the assistance of Doc Campbell, the local coroner to examine the head and confirm its authenticity.

That night Doc Campbell, along with his colleagues Edgar Blake and Vernon McGill, came to the museum to examine the head. Knowing of his interest in this matter and wanting to have no blemish on my honor, I consented to Señor Martinez attending as well.

In order to have a better view of the specimen, Doc Campbell opened a window shade permitting moonlight to enter the room. As soon as a moonbeam struck the jar containing Murieta’s head, its eyes opened and it started to declaim in Spanish. Doc Campbell and Señor Martinez conversed with the head which claimed to belong to the deceased bandit. Before much more could be learned from the head, its body rode into the room on a massive ghostly stallion accompanied by a half dozen skeletal minions.

Flynn and Rider

I withstood several of the crazed apparition’s attacks before finally succumbing to its unearthly force. Fortunately, my companions were able to dispatch it and its minions.

The next morning, the Museum opened to record crowds.



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