Buffalo Soldiers

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Explosives Convoy Bushwhacked

Mr. Io Martin’s wagon train carrying several tons of blasting powder and dynamite for the local mines was waylaid by unknown assailants. Mr. Martin and his assistants and guards were all slain by the despicable attackers. The assailants’ motives are unknown as Mr. Martin’s strong box was left untouched and all of the explosives were ignited in a massive blast heard and felt several miles away. Doc Campbell, Edgar Blake, and Runs with Buffalo Soldiers were the first to arrive on the scene, but were too late to assist the caravan.

The morning after the attack, Campbell, Blake, and Runs with Buffalo Soldiers followed the murderers’ path for several hours. They were assisted by Vernon McGill, a huntsman recently arrived in Salsipuedes, and Laughing Calf, a native priest who had been pursuing the marauders for several days. The posse returned to town without any prisoners or bodies, but assured this reporter that the situation was taken care of and the attackers will not bother anyone again.

Missing Soldiers Return to Duty

Colonel Elwood Friday, commanding officer at Fort 51, announced today that three troopers of the 10th Cavalry Regiment have returned to post after being absent without leave for over two months. The soldiers were escorted back to post by local shaman Laughing Calf. Col. Friday says that no charges will be brought against the men for deserting their post. “Laughing Calf tells me they were sick,” Col. Friday said. “I thank the noble medicine man for his concern with the welfare of my command. I am certain that this action will go a long way to improving relations between the local tribes and government authority.”



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