Disappoinment with Blake's Care-taking Efforts

Coroner's Log

When I titled the Sawyer Property to Dr. Blake, I got much more than I bargained for. I knew Black was a risky character, a very young man, smart, certainly a skillful practitioner of… to be honest; I’m not sure what he actually does. Regardless, I expected him to set up a simple workshop & laboratory, a small library, and give our orphans a quality education. However, it began to seem to me that his work was bordering on madness! He’s added to the basement laboratory, slapped a weird telescope onto the tower, and constructed that freakish machine (an “android,” says Blake) called R.O.B.I.N. that takes care of the orphans. I have been skeptical for a while of the care the children are actually receiving, and this most recent event has sent my passions aflame!

I arrived at the Libratorium to great my colleague and check on the orphans. The property was in total ferment, with Blake running about like Johnny Reb in a Gettysburg saloon. Inquiring further, I found that two (two!) orphans had gone missing under Blake’s watch! Absurd! I give him orphans to care for, clear responsibility in exchange for some free property, and what happens!? It all goes to Hell! What’s worse, Blake refuses to take any responsibility and claims some supernatural bloodsucker took the children, AND that this same bloodsucker is to blame for a recent horrible murder outside one of the town’s saloons! THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR FROM BLAKE, NOT TODAY, NOT EVER.

After confronting him about his wasted resources & irresponsibility, he started waving around some moldering old Latin text & shouting about “vam-pyres.” Clearly, the man was unstable and needed to be watched. With that in mind, we ended up wandering about town all day, visiting some rather unsavory establishments, and eventually trying to convince some clergymen to donate holy water. Eventually, after apologizing for Blake’s lies, I was able to procure some liquid from a friendly Catholic priest. As a good and true Methodist Episcopal, I don’t see eye to eye with most Catholics. However, the man seemed to sense my honesty and concern.

Later that night, Blake had us wandering around with a perfume-atomizer full of holy water, spritzing buxom barmaids and prostitutes. He expected one of them to catch fire, none did. We did earn the ire of Yvonne de Borgia however. I like her spunk. She said she would help us with our “vam-pyre” problems if we helped extricate her father from the recently collapsed Berquel Mine. A fair deal struck, we retired to our homes to rest for tomorrow’s journey. Hopefully, some good can come of our most recent adventure. Regardless, I must think of some serious penalty for the lackadaisical Edgar Blake. Doctor, maybe, but certainly NOT the kind that helps people.



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