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Dr. Sawyer Killed by Burglar

This paper has learned further details about the mysterious noises heard from Dr. Cecil Sawyer’s house last night. “Doc” Campbell, recently arrived in our town, went to pay his professional respects to his colleague this morning. Doc Campbell was accompanied by Edgar Blake and Runs with Buffalo Soldiers. Inside the Sawyer house, they found Dr. Sawyer’s mutilated body as well as the remains of Sheriff McLean and two of his deputies. A deranged criminal was engaged in a brutish, drunken revel amidst the carnage he had created.

Campbell, Blake, and Buffalo attempted to apprehend the desperado before he harmed any more innocents. The burglar resisted arrest and was killed in the ensuing fight.

New Coroner Appointed

Mayor H. H. Bancroft appointed Doc Campbell as the new coroner for Nye County. “We are lucky to have Dr. Campbell in town,” Mayor Campbell said. “He is an excellent surgeon and knows a great deal about the latest scientific advances. He will perform his new duties admirably.”



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