Vampiric Evildoings in Salsipuedes' Underbelly

From the Desk of Edgar Blake

The revelation to my associates that the attack on the orphanage was not that of a mysterious assailant and that of vampires did not go according to plan. I was met with sudden accusations from both Doc and Buffalo Soldiers that I was the one who had killed the orphans in cold blood. Regardless I started to win the two of them over after showing them one of the original texts used by Roman Catholic inquisitors entitled Vampyr

Interesting side note, while in the Libratorium one of the younger orphans came up to me trying to show me what he called a “stake sharpener” he is one of three orphans that show promise at honing skills that are rather “unusual” but I will follow up on that in a later report.

After going to the funeral home to perform an autopsy on the corpse we had decided that the man who as found naked behind the bar was assailed by either a bar maid or a woman of ill repute, regardless the wounds were caused by vampire. Runs with Buffalo Soldiers suggested going to the local brothel and wasted what amounted to about an hour of hour of our time.

After exiting the brothel and leaving a gratuitous tip (if you know what I mean), I suggested that we go to the nearby catholic church in order to collect some holy water. After failing to convince the priest I was a member of the congregation, Doc instead decided to tell him the truth. Telling the truth in a church was a bold move, can’t say I would have thought of it.

With our fresh holy water we went to the bar intent on using the holy water to find which bar maid was the vampire. Discovering very little except how to anger the security we jumped into a bar fight. Firing my mint weapon into the thugs and Runs with Buffalo Soldiers they instantly ignited and by an act of god Buffalo managed to get out of the way. Doc performed emergency triage on the guards to that we could leave without his moral obligations troubling him.

Before we could leave we were confronted by a woman that claimed that her father was trapped in the ghost rock mines. After asking for our help Buffalo Soldiers immediately jumped at the opportunity to help her and Doc was willing to help as well. I was sheepish at first but gave a reluctant yes when asked to help in the mine. It seems that Doc and Buffalo Soldiers think that the vampires might be in the mine which is a preposterous idea to someone well versed in occult knowledge. Now we all sit in our homes waiting for daybreak to begin our crawl into the depths of the mine.



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