Allen "Doc" Campbell

Dedicated Physician, Coroner, Axe-Wielding Maniac

Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d8 d8 d6 d8 d6
Charisma Pace Parry Toughness Grit
+0 6" 7 5(6) 2

Fighting d10, Healing d8, Knowledge: Medicine d6, Survival d6, Guts d6, Riding d4, Notice d4, Persuasion d4

Watned major (Murder back East)
Vow minor Hippocratic Oath
Loyal minor

Strength to d6
Vigor to d6

Exp Earned: 26

Two-Fisted, Fighting to d10, Strength to d8, Florentine, Frenzy

Weapon Range Skill (rating) Damage Notes
Hatchet Melee Fighting d10 Str+d6


Doctor Campbell is a kind & good-natured man. He is well spoken & often understated, but determined & persuasive when push inevitably comes to shove. He will lend a hand to anybody in need, & will dispense medical help to anybody & everybody for little to no charge. His level-headed style makes him a natural leader, & he tends to end up as a father figure to any community he settles in. Unfortunately, he is unlikely to settle anywhere for long due to his sordid past. He shuns lovers, & is wary of long time companions, even Platonic ones. He is also suspicious of magic in all its forms. Those who call on spirits & gods just seem to freak the old Doctor out. Doc probably blames magical folk for the Reckoning, & therefore what happened to his family, but he doesn’t talk about that much either.

The good doctor was born well before the Reckoning shook his world apart. As a surgeon & medical doctor in the city of Gettysburg, he made a fair living. He was able to satisfy the needs of his family (wife, daughter, & son) & that was all he needed. The Battle of Gettysburg changed all of that. For the Doctor, all that was expected was a busy day. Deputized by the Union, he set up shop & prepared for hell. He couldn’t wait to get back to his home, see his family, & get a good night’s sleep; but the roar of battle raged for days (though, to Doc they seemed like weeks). After working for hours, Campbell returned to town, but collapsed in the first friendly bed he could find. The next afternoon, the Doctor returned home. He picked an apple off a tree in his back yard, savored it, & threw the core into the street. As he entered his house through the back door, he heard an odd moaning sound. Anticipating the worst, he grabbed his hatchet & stormed through his dwelling, looking for any Confederate scum that may be lurking. He found two them in his bedroom, over his wife. She screamed for help when she saw him, & he buried his hatchet in the back of the soldier closest to him. The man stiffened, but then to Doc’s horror, straightened & turned around. The man was missing an eye, with grievous wounds on his face & neck. His jaw dangled & wobbled comically as he made his way towards Allen, who punched for all he was worth, knocking the Gray Shirted bastard to the floor. He pulled his axe from the creature’s back, & swung at the other soldier. His blow connected & sliced through the fiend’s neck, its head flying to the dresser, still grinning & growling horribly. Doctor Campbell put a hard boot to the skull of the remaining soldier, & then turned to Julie, his wife. Her injuries were extensive; & though she was missing an arm & had serious cuts on her face she was able to tell the dread tale. The men broke in shortly before Allen returned home, & made for the children first. They were both bitten by the shell-shocked soldiers before Julie could distract them. She fought as best she could, but only ended up leading them upstairs, where they died. The children, she said, were hiding in the cellar. Allen watched his wife die, & then made for the cellar to find his children. They lay huddled in a corner, their lifeless bodies unmoving. As he approached them, Samantha (his daughter) turned on him, eyes glowing red with unholy fire. Junior, his son, did the same. They advanced on Allen with methodical slowness & attacked. Allen was forced then, to kill his own kin. From behind him, he heard a noise. The dismembered Julie was making her way down the stairs. A horrible gurgle spouted from her throat, & The Doctor was forced to swing again; taking his fifth life. Knowing nobody would believe his story, Dr. Allen Campbell buried his wife & children in his backyard, gathered all of his savings & as much gear as he could carry, & bought a train ticket West. He burned his house down on that night, & was never seen in Gettysburg again.

Allen "Doc" Campbell

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