Edgar Blake

Visionary Inventor

Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d6 d12 d4 d4 d4
Charisma Pace Parry Toughness Grit
+0 6" 2 4 1

Weird Science d12, Shooting d8, Knowledge: Occult d6, Knowledge: Law D4, Knowldege: Tribal Languages d4, Notice d4, Tracking d4, Repair d6

Curious major
All Thumbs minor
Loyal minor
Arcane Background Weird Science
Knack All Hallows’ Eve
Exp Earned: 5
Advancement for Experience Earned:
Increase to: Knowledge: Occult and Repair
h5. Weapons
Weapon Range Skill (rating) Damage Notes
Colt Dragoon 12/24/48 d8 2d6+1 RoF 1, AP 1
Trapping/Power Drain Range Skill (rating) Damage/Effect Duration
Portamatic Electro-Therapy Machine 1-6 12/24/48 d8 2/3d6 Instant

Edgar Blake is one of the few people who have traveled westward too fresh faced too remember life before The Reckoning. As someone who was only a child of six when the south attacked seceded from the Union makes him a mere twenty-four years old. Blake is a kind-hearted person who was forced to flee the East before he should have. As he was studying to become a professor of engineering at The University of Pennsylvannia things took a turn for the worse when he was exposed to ghost rock as a fuel source for the first time.

Blake’s brilliance at crafting new inventions was able to truly shine after the college gave him a near infinite source of ghost rock to work with. Unfortunately for him there was a huge demand for his inventions across the entire college town and soon everyone in the town was using one of his creations. This led to tragedy soon after they were sold to people who were unskilled with such machinations.

Some of the most seemingly innocuous inventions were prone to malfunctions that caused catastrophic amounts of death and property damage throughout the entire town. Though Blake had warned the college that his creations could prove unpredictable when handled by the inexperienced he was nonetheless blamed for the deaths of as many as twenty-five people in the small town.

The blood lust the town’s people had for him was palpable and he knew that he would be a dead man if he had stayed in the town any longer. He smashed all of his inventions that were being built in side the college, except his Portamatic Electro-Therapy Machine™ and took several trains until he fatefully landed on the 3:10 to Yucca Flats.

A determined scholastic Blake has taken to studying several different new disciplines that he thinks will prove useful during his time out west. Most notably he has gained a penchant for the paranormal and occult, making him one of the few scientists that actually believe that his gizmos are powered by a supernatural means. His scholarly behavior may prove off putting to some, but in truth he means well and is frequently using his own money in order to fund whatever semblance of an educational system is in the town that he is currently taking up residence in.

“These foolish abominations cannot stop me for I have SCIENCE
-Edgar Blake

Edgar Blake

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