Hubert H. Bancroft

Politician and Amatuer Historian


Bancroft’s family runs a large publishing company in Ohio. During the early years of the Civil War, Bancroft was involved in organizing and financing the U.S. Sanitary Commissions. In 1868, he went to San Francisco to take over the local outlet of his family’s book stores.

The San Francisco store’s inventory included an impressive collection of manuscripts and publications regarding the history and peoples of the Western territories. Miraculously, he was able to save the bulk of this collection from the aftermath of the Great Quake of ’68.

Since the Great Quake, Bancroft has roamed from one city to the next, bringing his growing collection of historical documents with him. He arrived in Salsipuedes just after ghostrock was discovered. He has been putting his organizational and leadership skills to use as the town’s first mayor.

Hubert H. Bancroft

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