Runs with Buffalo Soldiers

Indian Shaman

Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d4 d8 d8 d4 d6
Charisma Pace Parry Toughness Grit
+0 6" 2 4(+2) 1

Tribal Medicine d8, Survival d8, Tracking d8, Gambling d8, Guts d6, Notice d4
h5. Hindrances

Heroic major
Illiterate minor
Habit minor Tobacco
Arcane Background Shaman
Additional Power
Exp Earned: 2
Advancement for Experience Earned:
Weapon Range Skill (rating) Damage Notes
Trapping/Power Drain Range Skill (rating) Damage/Effect Duration
Vision Quest 1
Elemental Manipulation

Runs with Buffalo Soldiers is an Apache Indian who was revered in his camp for his powers to bend the Earth to his will. When Buffalo became a teenager his tribe asked him to do many of the chores around camp, easily accomplished with his new-found powers. What his tribe didn’t really realize is that using these powers so frequently exhausted him. After several months of repeated exhaustion, his powers fizzled. His tribe became so irate about the loss of power they ran him out of the camp.

In the wilderness, Buffalo was able to use his powers sparingly, trapping small game and making wells of fresh water. It was a solitary existence, but after his past he did not mind. Watching the rail cars pervert his Earth sickened him to no end. One day when he was blind with rage at a train station, someone made club at him, knocking him unconscious.

Once he awake, the ground was shaking beneath him, and he was in a dark enclosed space, he realized he was in one of the rail cars raping his Earth. He attempted to derail the train but the rails were too well constructed. Because of the effort, the Buffalo Spirit forgave this mortal sin. After breaking out of the luggage container, he met up with a friendly party of travelers. After they assisted Buffalo in getting off the train and saving him from thieves and other abominations, Buffalo realized he missed social contact, and unlike his tribe they respected his powers. Buffalo respected these people for their respect, he could see himself becoming pretty good friends with these strangers.

“The Old Ways are my way to Godliness.”

- Runs with Buffalo Soldiers

Runs with Buffalo Soldiers

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