Ultraviolet Radiant Flux Emiter

Vampire Killer Extraordinaire

weapon (ranged)

A standard burst power that loses its heavy weapon status and can only gain power points when exposed to sunlight. As a result it has the trapping of light and causes 2d10 damage to regular targets and sunlight damage to those with a weakness to it.


Ever since Blake’s arrival in Salsipuedes he has been growing increasingly paranoid about the undead that he knows to be lurking in the dark corners of Salsipuedes. Through his occult research Blake uncovered that the one unifying weakness of vampires from many different cultures is an inability withstand the power of sunlight. Sacrificing the ability to recharge the weapon’s fuel cells without exposure to direct sunlight Blake managed to create a weapon that was capable of imitating sunlight when attacking the undead.

(WARNING: the testing of this product may have occurred on vampire orphans after an attack on the Libratorium, or maybe not, maybe all the orphans are fine. Yeah you probably shouldn’t check or anything)

Ultraviolet Radiant Flux Emiter

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