A vibrating short axe

weapon (melee)

The latest in Smith and Robards Technology premiering at 600$. It deals d8 + strength damage but like all S&R weapons has a serious drawback. If the skill roll linked to the weapon fails the vibrations reach the ghost-steel’s frequency causing it to shatter causing the wielder to make an attack on everyone in a Medium Burst Template including the wielder themselves.
Also comes in a sword and a mace variant one handed only.


Smith and Robard’s loves to have a monopoly on the powerful weapons trade. Realizing that they already have a solid grip on the Gatling weapon trade they have expanded their trade looking into a more powerful melee weapon to sell to the few that still use melee weapons. Forged from strong ghost steel the weapon’s hilt has a device that causes the weapon to vibrate at a high frequency increasing the damage far past anything a similar weapon would be capable of.


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