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  • Bucket o' Gore

    The Bucket o' Gore is the largest, and arguably sleaziest, saloon in Salsipuedes. A favorite haunt of drifters, card sharps, and miners out to get drunk as cheaply as possible. You won't find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  • The Valhalla Undertaking Company

    h3. It's Later than you Think Valhalla Undertaking is proud to discretely provide a full range of services in your time of grief. * Embalming and Dressing * An Array of Caskets to Suit Every Taste and Budget * Headstones and Monuments * Hearse …

  • Salsipuedes Mercantile

    h3. Victor Martinez, Proprietor We proudly stock the finest array of merchandise in Southern Nevada at the fairest prices. p=. Groceries and Dry Goods Hardware Firearms and Amunition Fabric and Sundries Smith & Robards Authorized Dealer If we …

  • Baxter House Hotel

    A decent hotel with clean comfortable rooms at a reasonable price. What sets the Baxter House apart from its competition is that it houses what is generally regarded as the best poker game in Nevada.