[[Trouble In The Mountains]]

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A True Report of Suspicious Events in the Wilderness of the Yucca Mountains and Surrounding Areas (And A Warning to Any Foolhardy Cowpokes Who May or May Not Be Interested in Exploring Said Regions).

Latest reports from our frontier field agents have revealed mysterious events in the North. A strange man dressed in rags was found stumbling as fast as he could toward our outpost in the foothills of the Yucca Mountains. He claimed that during the previous night one of the miners at his camp became enraged. He sprung from his cot & attacked the coworkers sharing his tent. What followed, according to our informant, was a massacre of a most horrible nature. He killed & ate (raw) the occupants of the mining camp, & used the camps explosives to blow out all of the mining equipment, rails, & railcars used to transport the valuable Ghost Rock. Our source (who chooses to remain nameless) only managed to escape the carnage by hiding amongst the crates of salt fish that were ignored by the man-gone-mad. Once the crazed miner finished his seemingly meaningless tirade, he ran off into the Yucca Mountains, toward Chocolate Peak. Nothing else is known about his whereabouts or motivations, but a substantial reward has been leveled on his head. Beware, friends.


In other news, the explosives merchant, Mr. Io Martin (pictured). is making his quarterly visit to town. He & his wagon will mosey in on Saturday & stay for the week. Miners in the town are dependent on this merchant to continue their operations in the hills.

Martin  travelling salesman

Currently, they can go no deeper mining entirely by hand. Mine Boss Kirk Fitzsimmons, current manager of the largest mining site in the foothills of the Yucca Mountains, tells the Advertiser the following:

“Without this visit every few months, our operations would completely fail. It’s certainly imperative we budget properly for this visit. Too little money in the bank & our business fails. We’ve been stocking up for months.”
With luck, the merchant’s visit will go on without a hitch, & the lifeblood of our community in the desert will be safe for at least a little while longer.
B.A.R. Mitzvah

[[Trouble In The Mountains]]

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