Grand Opening Parade

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Great Parade to Celebrate Museum Arrival

At noon tomorrow, Professor Tiberius Flynn and his world famous traveling Museum of Curios, Antiquities, and Oddities are scheduled to arrive at Salsipuedes Depot on a specially chartered train. From the depot, the good professor will lead his troupe in a festive Cavalcade down Main Street to the museum’s home in Salsipuedes, the recently errected Grand Assembly Hall.

Pride of place in the grand procession will belong to Bethsheba, a massive African elephant recently added to Professor Flynn’s collection. The parade will feature musical accompaniment by Major Woods Bretton on steam calliope and Salsipuedes’s own Miners’ Benevolent Association Brass Band.

Professor Flynn has informed this paper that he will engage in an amazing feat of derring-do at the conclusion of the parade. Unfortunately, he will not divuldge the nature of his act prior to showtime fearing interference from jealous rivals.

If he survives his death defying challenge sound in life and limb, Professor Flynn will personally open his Museum to all comers for a special Opening Day admission price.

Grand Opening Parade

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